This is a book about crazy. By that I mean that when most people encounter these stories, a blank look steals over their face for a moment, as if their brain has found itself for once with no clear instructions to convey to the muscles of the face. And then a moment later, the person inevitably shakes their head angrily, as if waking from a hypnotized trance, and then exclaims “That’s crazy!” before stalking off.

I’m afraid the reality is somewhat more complicated.


There is something wrong with the United States. It is difficult to observe from the outside. For many, it is difficult to recognize even from the inside. It is not portrayed in the media at all. But it is happening nonetheless.

This is a narrative recording of just what is taking place.

America has bifurcated into two parallel societies. I will call them America 1 and America 2 so you do not attach any preconcieved expectations to what they are. These two societies inhabit the same space but no are longer connected to each other, and are now moving in different directions. As they diverge, the fault lines begin to show.

Everything you see on television or consume from the media belongs to America 1. Red states, blue states, parties and presidents, social movements and scandal, reality television and the issues of the day - they all belong to America 1. America 1 thinks it is America. But this is no longer true.

America 2 is something different altogether, a nation of people alien in the most important aspects to their former countrymen. It has its own education, its own values, its own leaders and paths of communication. It has a completely different, and much more insightful, analysis of what is going on.

America 1 does not, and can not, believe that America 2 even exists. It has been comprehensively conditioned to immediately and reflexively dismiss all of America 2's basic concepts as craziness. In the eyes of America 1, there are only a few scattered antisocial malcontents, certainly not an entire people. Yet disbelieving in reality has never caused it to cease being true, and this situation is no exception to that rule. America 2 has grown in size and influence, even while America 1 remains mind-blind to its existence, until now it composes an entire nation of its own. Now the two peoples occupy the same physical space, but they are no longer the same nation.

This is the story of those two peoples, of how they diverged, and where they are going.